We start with joints of our lovely beef silverside. This is an internal cut that nestles under the topside on the rump of the beef carcass. It’s a big, hardworking muscle, full of flavour and with open-grained texture. This hearty flavour intensifies during the curing and drying process, while the loose texture means flavour from the cure ingredients can penetrate evenly through the meat.

A relative newcomer to these shores, beef biltong is a bit of a national institution in South Africa, Botswana and Namibia. Try Coombe Farm Organic’s teriyaki biltong and you’ll soon understand why. Irresistibly salty and chewy, biltong is a great way to enjoy a filling snack that’s satisfying without being packed with synthetic preservatives and chemical flavours.

Eating biltong is a bit of a national obsession in its native South Africa and we can quite see why. It makes a satisfying between-meals snack, delivering a bit whack of smoky, tangy flavour with plenty of chew. And unlike lots of other snacks, biltong isn’t all style over substance – it really fills you up, so is just what’s needed to deal with rumbling tums.