Frequently Asked Questions

What are your cows fed?2020-05-29T15:29:27+01:00

Our beef is 85% grass-fed. We provide our cattle with an additional diet of cereals, legumes, forage and roots – this ensures they stay fit, healthy and in tip-top condition at all times of the year, even when the grass is less nutritious.

Are the animals reared on your farm?2020-05-29T15:29:06+01:00

Yes all the cattle are reared on our farm in Somerset.

Is your biltong gluten free?2020-05-29T15:28:24+01:00

Yes all of our flavours of biltong are gluten free.

When will my order be delivered?2020-05-29T15:28:05+01:00

We pack your order the day you place it and send it on a 2-3 day Royal Mail delivery service.

Can I purchase just one packet of biltong?2020-05-29T15:02:31+01:00

Yes there is no minimum order quantity.

Where do you deliver?2020-05-29T14:59:20+01:00

We deliver across the UK including highlands and islands.

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